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Captain Dashing Web Works specializes in web app: development, optimization, scaling, and performance.

Who doesn't love devops overhauls, continuous-integration configurations, and caching strategies?

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With over a decade of experience building new and tooling existing web applications, Captain Dashing Web Works can help you improve any area of your backend infrastructure (and some areas of your frontend too!)

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Web App Development

JavaScript masters on both frontend and backend. Don't let the JavaScript chops throw you, I'm a PHP & Wordpress ninja too!

Server Tuning

From proper SSL configuration, to load-balanced auto-scaled immutable server clusters -- I can help make your infrastructure sing.


Heartbleed, shellshock, SHA256 SSL-certificates -- let me help you make sense of common threats to your web apps.

Extremely Technical Support

Technical support calls me for their technical support. I love a good puzzle.

Who is Captain Dashing Web Works?

My name is Andrew Kish, and I am a true full stack developer. I've helped scale systems from 20 users to 20 million users, championed database migrations, helped migrate giant apps from one language to another, built many continuous-integration servers, and retooled more than a few developer tool-chains.

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